EnviroFlash is an electronic information system designed to communicate air quality information to the public. EnviroFlash is a partnership between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and state and local air quality agencies.

North Carolina Air Quality Forecasts are now available by email via EnviroFlash subscription.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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EnviroFlash provides you with timely air quality information that you can use to plan your daily activities and protect your health. With EnviroFlash, you have complete control of your forecast subscription. Subscription is fast and easy, and you decide which forecasts to receive. You can change or discontinue your subscription at any time through the automated EnviroFlash web page.

The forecasts are developed daily by staff meteorologists at the North Carolina Division of Air Quality, just as they have been since 1998. These are the same forecasts you might see in your newspaper, or on your local TV weather report.

Forecasts are available for each of North Carolina’s 100 counties, as well as the north and south mountaintop ridges of eastern NC. The N.C. Division of Air Quality produces the daily forecasts for all of North Carolina except for the 9 counties that make up the Triad region; these forecasts are handled by our colleagues at the Forsyth County Office of Environmental Assistance and Protection. 

Yes. Air quality forecasts are available at the online Air Quality Portal, via EPA's AirNow, in the weather section of some newspapers, and on some local TV and radio weather reports.