Sea Level Rise Study Update

2022 Charge to the Science Panel

The issue of sea level rise is of great importance to the State, its policy makers and the citizens of North Carolina. Periodic updates using current data are vital to help inform planning and decision making.

The CRC therefore requests that the Science Panel conduct an annual review of any new and significant scientific literature and studies that address the range of implications of sea level rise at the State, sub-regional, and local scales.

If the Science Panel feels sufficient new information is available to warrant a report, or new analyses, they will present their findings to the CRC and the public in the form of oral presentations and/or written briefs/fact sheets. In this case, the Science Panel review will include any key data or information gaps that should be prioritized for additional collection/study and/or funding opportunities.

2024 Update

DRAFT Sea Level Rise Report Update (April 2024)

2016 Report

Video Explains Key Takeaways from 2022 Federal Interagency Sea Level Rise Technical Report

new video shares the most up-to-date sea level rise projections for the United States, and encourages viewers to take some initial steps. The video highlights key takeaways from the 2022 Sea Level Rise Technical Report, with a focus on the impacts on coastal communities. Viewers are encouraged to consider actions they can take within their communities, and directed to existing web tools for assessing the timing and severity of local impacts from sea level rise.

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