Erosion and Sediment Control Forms

Application Forms

The application, application documents, and application fees should be sent to the appropriate Regional Office* based on the project location.

Application documents or fees that are sent to the incorrect address, such as to the central office, will have to be re-routed to the appropriate regional office and can result in the delay of plan approvals. 

*For projects that fall under the jurisdiction of a delegated Local Program contact the appropriate agency for application and fee submission requirements.

February 15, 2022

E&SC Financial Responsibility/Ownership (FRO) Form Tutorial

Note:  Keep a copy of this completed form.  It serves as part of your NPDES NCG01 permit application.  

  • Plan Checklist for Designers (MS WordPDF, Fillable PDF)
  • Plan Application Guidance Document (PDF)
  • Plan Review Flowchart (PDF)
  • Notice of Plan Review Fee Effective November 19, 2021 (PDF)
  • Ground Cover (PDF)

Express Permitting Option

All Express Reviews are to be conducted by appointment.  Contact the appropriate Regional Office to schedule an application review meeting for determining whether your project qualifies for an Express Review.

  • Express Review - General Process (PDF)
  • Express Review - Guidance Document (PDF)
  • Express Review - Financial Responsibility Form (MS WordPDF, Fillable PDF)

Inspection and Monitoring Forms

Self-inspection and Self-monitoring Combined Form for Land Development (WordPDF

Self-inspection and Self-monitoring Combined Form for Lots (WordPDF)

Example Combined Form for Land Development as prepared by a consulting inspector (PDF)

Transfer of Financial Responsibility Notice

Financially Responsible Parties for residential lots under an individual lot plan approval involving a land disturbance of less than one acre may transfer their financial responsibility in accordance with G.S. 113A-54.1(f). The Transfer of Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan Financial Responsibility Notice and the Statement of Financial Responsibility for Erosion and Sedimentation Control are to be completed by the builder or developer conducting the transfer, and submitted to the DEQ regional office where the erosion and sedimentation control plan for the lot was submitted.  

Transfer of Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan Financial Responsibility Notice and Statement of Financial Responsibility for Erosion and Sedimentation Control (PDF).

Related Information

Tab/Accordion Items

Below is a plan set that may be used by those seeking approval for the erosion and sediment control measures to be used during residential construction.  This plan serves as a standard for the most common lot controls that are expected to be installed and includes guidance on soil preparation and ground cover as well as construction sequencing that is common for the most basic site conditions.  The purpose is to provide an approvable plan which can facilitate a shorter review time, and which provides a comprehensive list of builder expectations as to controlling erosion and sedimentation while working.  The NCDEQ reserves the right to require a site-specific erosion control plan to be prepared and submitted for the 30-day review cycle. The use of this standard lot plan is conditioned upon the following:  

  1. This plan is for lots with an individual disturbed area of 1.00 acre or less, and a total disturbance of not more than 5.0 acres for individual single family or multi-family dwellings.  
  2. A vicinity map showing the boundaries of the project and access to the site is to either be shown on this standard plan or to accompany this standard plan.
  3. A subdivision plat or plan showing numbered lots and the Limits of Disturbance (LoD) is to accompany this plan.  The LoD includes lots, access to measures, staging areas, and utilities that may extend off-site.
  4. Lots are “finished”, or at final grade. Mass grading with full stabilization has already occurred or mass grading is not to occur.
  5. The property does not contain nor have jurisdictional waters within 100 feet of the lots.  
  6. The site is not located within a High-Quality Water Zone.      
  7. No discharges are expected or allowed into impaired waters.  
  8. Onsite vehicle or equipment washing is not allowed.  
  9. This site involves no off-site material storage, waste disposal, or borrow areas. 
  10. All disturbed areas not built upon shall be provided with permanent ground cover.  

Not all plan or detail sheets will be used.  The builder is to choose the appropriate sheets and include the page numbers within the Table of Contents.  Page numbers for sheets not used should remain blank within the Table.  All sheets should be numbered in sequence and dated.

11" x 17" Plan or Detail Sheets (PDF) and CAD Versions (Zipped DWG files)

8.5" x 11" Plan or Detail Sheets (PDF)

  • Title Sheet (PDF)
  • Lot Information Table (PDF)
  • Typical Individual Lot Layout with Curb & Gutter (PDF)
  • Typical Individual Lot Layout with Roadside Ditches (PDF)
  • NCG01 Self-Inspections (PDF)
  • NCG01 Recordkeeping & Reporting (PDF)
  • NCG01 Ground Cover (PDF)
  • NCG01 Materials Handling (PDF)
  • Temporary Seeding Recommendations (PDF)
  • Permanent Seeding Recommendations (PDF)
  • Construction Entrance/Exit (PDF)
  • Inlet Protection (PDF)
  • Rolled Erosion Control Products (RECP) for Channels (PDF)
  • Rolled Erosion Control Products (RECP) for Slopes (PDF)
  • Silt Fence (PDF)
  • Silt Fence Outlet (PDF)
  • Silt Sock/Wattle for Check Dams (PDF)
  • Silt Sock/Wattle for Perimeter and Inlet Protection (PDF)
  • Tree Protection (PDF)