Information Circulars


IC No. Information Circular Title and Author(s)
36 Natural Gas and Oil In North Carolina  by Reid, J.C., 2009
35 A Geologic Adventure Along the Eno River,  by Bradley, P.J., 2007
34 42nd Forum on the Geology of Industrial Minerals,  edited by Reid, J.C., 2006
33 Suitability of Pinehurst Formation as a Glass Sand, Richmond County, North Carolina,  by Mensah-Biney,Robert, Carpenter, L.A., Miller, J. W. Jr., and Reid, J.C., 2005.
32 When the Ground Moves!  A Citizen's Guide to Geologic Hazards in North Carolina. North Carolina Geological Survey, edited by Bechtel, R., 2005
31 Geology of Gorges State Park,  by Wooten, R.M., Carter, M.W., and Merschat, C.E., 2003.
30 Investigation of Muscovite Mica in Greisen, Sims Granitoid Intrusive, Wilson County, North Carolina,  by Carpenter, R.H., Tanner, J.T., Grotto, D.J., Carpenter, P. A. III, and Speer, J.A., 1996.

Gold in North Carolina, by Carpenter, P.A. III, 1993.

Download from North Carolina Digital Collections as a PDF

28 Upper Cenozoic Geology of the Onslow Bay and Aurora Embayments, North Carolina: Compilation of Published Abstracts From the Literature,  by Riggs, S.R. and Ames, Dorothea v.d.P. 1992.
27 Subsurface Stratigraphic Framework of Cenozoic Strata in Brunswick and New Hanover counties, North Carolina, by Zarra, Larry, 1991.
26 High-silica Resource Potential of the Upper Chilhowee Quartzite, McDowell County, North Carolina,  by Wiener, L.S., Merschat, C.E., and Tanner, J.T., Jr., 1990.
25 Information Available for Selected Wells of the North Carolina Coastal Plain,  by the North Carolina Geological Survey, 1982.
24 Mineral Collecting Sites in North Carolina, by Wilson, W.F., and McKenzie, B.J. 1978. **OUT-OF-PRINT**  PDF
23 Diabase Dikes of the Eastern Piedmont of North Carolina,  by Burt, E.R., Carpenter, P.A. III, McDaniel, R.D., and Wilson, W.F. 1978.
22 Exploratory Oil Wells of North Carolina 1925 - 1976,  by Coffey, J.C. 1977.
21 Gold Resources of North Carolina, by Carpenter, P.A. III, 1972, revised 1978. **OUT-OF-PRINT**  PDF
20 Feldspar Resources of North Carolina,  by Bundy, J.L., and Carpenter, P.A. III, 1969.
19 Titanium Deposits of North Carolina,  by Williams, Lloyd, 1964.
18 The Force of Gravity at Selected Localities in North Carolina,  by Mann, V.I., 1963.
17 Beryl Occurrences in North Carolina, by Wilson, W.F., 1962. **OUT-OF-PRINT**  PDF
16 Mineral Collecting Sites in North Carolina, by Conley, J.F. 1958. **OUT-OF-PRINT**  PDF
15 Lithium Resources of North Carolina,  by Broadhurst, S.D., 1956.
14 Radioactive Minerals in North Carolina, by Councill, R.J., 1955. **OUT-OF-PRINT**  PDF
13 Miscellaneous Commerical Rocks of North Carolina, by Councill, R.J., 1955.
12 Commercial Rocks of the Volcanc-slate Series, North Carolina, by Councill, R.J., 1955.
11 High-silica Sand Resources of North Carolina, by Broadhurst, S.D., 1954.
10 A Preliminary Report on the High Alumina Minerals in the Volcanic-slate Series, North Carolina, by Broadhurst, S.D. and Councill, R.J., 1954. **OUT-OF-PRINT**  PDF
09 The Eastern Piedmont Pegmatite District of North Carolina, by Steel, W.G., 1952. **OUT-OF-PRINT**  PDF
08 White Residual Clays of the Volcanic Slate Belt in North Carolina, by Broadhurst, S.D., 1950. **OUT-OF-PRINT**  PDF
07 A General Survey of Some High Silica Materials in North Carolina, by Broadhurst, S.D. 1949.
06 A Possible New Source of Ground-Water Supply in the Elizabeth Cirty Area, North Carolina, by Mundorf, M.J., 1947. **OUT-OF-PRINT**  PDF
05 The Geology and Mineral Resources of Guilford County, North Carolina, by Murdock, T.G., 1947.
04 Occurrences of Sillimanite in North Carolina, by Hunter, C.E., and White, W.A., 1946. **OUT-OF-PRINT**  PDF
03 Selected Well Logs in the Coastal Plain of North Carolina. by Mundorf, M.J., 1944. **OUT-OF-PRINT**  PDF
02 Production of Mica in North Carolina, by Murdock, T.G. 1942. **OUT-OF-PRINT**  PDF
01 Minerals for national defense--north Carolin's possible contributions, by Murdock, T.G., 1940. **OUT-OF-PRINT**  PDF


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