WSW Model Ordinances

Updated Revised Water Supply Watershed Protection Model Ordinance

Summary of Changes in the Updated Revised Model Ordinance:
  • Article 100:  Some definitions added and some changed to improve clarity
  • Articles 200 and 300:  Minor changes to improve clarity
  • Article 400:  Allowed/Not Allowed Use table and Density Average section added, Density and Built-Upon Area table updated per 2019 rules
  • Articles 500 and 600:  minor changes to improve clarity
  • Organization:  Definitions section moved from end to beginning, footnotes consolidated and moved to end

Previous Model Ordinance

  • Main Body (replaced by the updated revised model ordinance)
  • Appendix A - (i) Application for Watershed Subdivision Approval, (ii) Application for a Watershed Protection Permit
  • Appendix B - Watershed Review Board (Board of Adjustment)Rules of Procedure, Appeals, and Variances 
  • Appendix C - High Density Requirements
  • These appendices can still be used in conjunction with the updated revised ordinance, although they need to be updated and revised as well.