Habitat Enhancement

Habitat enhancement programs aim to promote sustainable fisheries through the creation of habitat. DMF often creates oyster reefs to attract the web of organisms that depend on this habitat. 

Artificial Reef Program

The artificial reef program creates and monitors artificial reefs in North Carolina. Artificial reefs attract fish and shellfish and can be made from natural and/or man-made materials. Artificial reefs are good fishing and diving locations. Often fish begin to colonize a reef hours after it is put in the water. 

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Oyster Sanctuary Program

Oyster sanctuaries are designated areas where oyster reefs are built and protected from harvest. These areas act as brood stock to seed North Carolina's coastal waters with young oysters for harvest. These areas also double as artificial reefs popular with fishermen for the fish they attract.

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Cultch Planting Program

Cultch (dead oyster shells) is added back to the environment creating the preferred habitat for baby oysters to attach and grow. These planted reefs grow oysters in suitable areas where reefs did not previously exist. Once the oysters on these reefs reach a harvestable size fishermen may come and collect the oysters. 

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