Fisheries Management Contacts

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  Name Phone
Fisheries Management Section Chief Steve Poland 252-515-5533
Northern District Manager Lee Paramore 252-473-5734
Southern District Manager Tina Moore 252-515-5641
Coastwide Programs Manager Casey Knight 252-515-5538
FMP Coordinator Corrin Flora 252-515-5524
Tab/Accordion Items

Individual species that are underlined have state fishery management plans.


Species Staff Phone
American Eel Todd Mathes 252-948-3872
American Shad Holly White 252-381-6004
Atlantic Croaker Willow Patten 252-948-3884
Atlantic Menhaden Robert Corbett 252-381-6007
Atlantic Sturgeon Nathaniel Hancock 252-381-6005
Billfishes Steve Poland 252-515-5533
Black Drum Chris Stewart 910-796-7370
Black Sea Bass (North) Lorena de la Garza 252-473-5734
Black Sea Bass (South) Mclean Seward 910-796-7289
Bluefish Melinda Lambert 252-473-5734
Catfishes Robert Corbett 252-381-6007
Cobia Melinda Lambert 252-473-5734
Dolphin Jeffrey Dobbs 252-515-5640
Gag Mclean Seward 910-796-7289
Hickory Shad Holly White 252-381-6004
Interjuris­dictional Jason Rock 252-515-5639
King Mackerel Mclean Seward 910-796-7289
Kingfishes Brooke Anderson 252-515-5647
Monkfish Lorena de la Garza 252-473-5734
Perches (White, Yellow) Nathaniel Hancock 252-381-6005
Red Drum Cara Kowalchyk 252-948-3875
River Herring Holly White 252-381-6004
Scup Lorena de la Garza 252-473-5734
Sharks Melinda Lambert 252-473-5734
Sheepshead Anne Markwith 910-796-7292
Snapper-Grouper Complex Mclean Seward 910-796-7289
Southern Flounder Anne Markwith 910-796-7292
Spanish Mackerel Mclean Seward 910-796-7289
Spiny Dogfish Melinda Lambert 252-473-5734
Spot Willow Patten 252-948-3884
Spotted Seatrout Lucas Pensinger 252-515-5638
Striped Bass (Estuarine) Nathaniel Hancock 252-381-6005
Striped Bass (Ocean) Charlton Godwin 252-381-6008
Striped Bass (Central) Todd Mathes 252-948-3872
Striped Bass (Southern) Joe Facendola 910-796-7291
Striped Mullet Willow Patten 252-948-3884
Summer Flounder Lorena de la Garza 252-473-5734
Tautog Lorena de la Garza 252-473-5734
Tuna Steve Poland 252-515-5533
Wahoo Jeffrey Dobbs 252-515-5640
Weakfish Lucas Pensinger 252-515-5638


Species Staff Phone
Bay Scallop Jeffrey Dobbs 252-515-5640
Blue Crab Robert Corbett 252-381-6007
Eastern Oyster Joe Facendola 910-796-7291
Hard Clam Jeffrey Dobbs 252-515-5640
Horseshoe Crab Jeffrey Dobbs 252-515-5640
Shrimp Chris Stewart 910-796-7370
Whelks Joe Facendola 910-796-7291

Program Staff Phone
Carcass Collection Program Amanda Macek 252-515-5537
Citation Program Amanda Macek 252-515-5537
Cold Stun Events Lucas Pensinger 252-515-5638
Gear Development Brooke Anderson 252-515-5647
Invasive Species Robert Corbett 252-381-6007
Marine Mammal Stranding Program Vicky Thayer 252-241-5119
Observer Program Barbie Byrd 252-515-5624
Permitting - Pound Nets
Permitting - Scientific and Educational Activity
Permitting - Weekend Trawling for Live Shrimp
Proclamation Distribution Email List Debbie Manley 252-515-5534
State Records Amanda Macek 252-515-5537
Stock Assessment Program Vacant 252-515-5533
Tagging Program/Returns Ami Staples 252-948-3913
FM Admin (Proclamations) Debbie Manley 252-515-5534
FM Admin (Permits) Lynn Ewart 252-515-5535