North Carolina Saltwater Fishing Tournament Citation Application

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The form below is for citation sized fish caught during the 2024 recreational season only. If you are missing a citation from a previous year, please email Submit only ONE application per fish landed. DO NOT submit multiple paper and/or online applications for the same fish.

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This species must be released in order to qualify for a citation, and the total length of the fish must be provided. Girth is not required, but please include it, if possible.

This species must be released in order to qualify for a citation. Please provide the total length and the girth of the fish, if possible.

This species can either be harvested or released to get a citation. If the fish was harvested, you must provide either the weight of the fish or the length. If the fish was released, enter the number of fish released and fill out the Total Length box. Please include the girth, if possible.

Please be specific and include any landmark reference if necessary.