Dispute Mediation

The North Carolina Marine Fisheries Commission is often called upon to manage user-conflicts that have little or no bearing on the health of fisheries resources. Conflicts range from simple gear disputes to space, resource allocation, or perceptual issues, and sometimes have historical, cultural, and political roots. The goal of fisheries mediation is to manage disputes in a way that achieves lasting resolution amenable to all parties.

Any person(s) desiring user conflict resolution may make such request in writing addressed to the Director of the Division of Marine Fisheries,  P.O.  Box  769,  3441  Arendell  St., Morehead  City, NC 28557-0769.  A request shall contain the following information:

  • A  map  of  the  affected  area  including an  inset  vicinity  map  showing  the  location  of  the area with detail sufficient to permit on-site identification and location.
  • Identification of the user conflict causing a need for user conflict resolution.
  • Recommended solution for resolving user conflict.
  • Name and address of the person(s) requesting user conflict resolution.

For more information regarding dispute mediation, see 15A NCAC 03I .0122.