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Main Office - Morehead City and Laboratory
Central District Office
5285 Hwy 70 West; P.O. Box 769
Morehead City, N.C. 28557
Telephone: 252-515-5656 | Fax: 252-726-8475
Shannon Jenkins Section Chief 252-515-5611
Kim Diaz Administrative Specialist 252-515-5610
Andrew Haines Environmental Program Supervisor I (Growing Areas) 252-515-5617
Shawn Nelson Environmental Program Supervisor I (Inspections) 252-515-5614
Erin Bryan- Millush Environmental Program Supervisor I (Recreational Water Quality) 252-515-5613
Shannon Myers Environmental Specialist II (Shoreline Survey) 252-515-5620
Brittany DeArmitt Environmental Specialist (Shoreline Survey) 252-515-5621
Valerie Wunderly Environmental Specialist II (Inspections) 252-515-5612
Timmy Moore Environmental Specialist (Water Quality Sampling) 252-515-5616
Jason Hill Environmental Specialist (Water Quality Sampling) 252-515-5615
Phil Piner Environmental Technician II (Recreational Water Quality Sampling) 252-515-5618
Zach Fasking Environmental Technician II  (Recreational Water Quality Sampling) 252-515-5619
Michele Barger Environmental Technician II (Recreational Water Quality and Laboratory) 252-515-5558
Melissa Squibb Environmental Specialist (Laboratory) 252-515-5559
Elizabeth Mason GIS Analyst 252-515-5630


Manteo Office
Telephone: 252-423-5280 | Fax: 252-726-8475
Christa Sanderford Environmental Program Supervisor (Northern Regional Area Mgr. /Inspections) 252-423-5282
Ann Daisey Environmental Specialist (Shoreline Survey) 252-423-5285
James Pace Environmental Specialist (Shellfish and Recreational Water Quality Sampling) 252-423-5283
Candace Burrus Microbiology Laboratory Technician 252-423-5280


Reidsville Office
Kacee Zinn Environmental Specialist II (Western Area Inspections) 252-515-5656


Wilmington Office and Laboratory
Southern Regional Office
127 Cardinal Drive
Wilmington, N.C. 28405
Telephone: 910-796-7215
Jeremy Humphrey Environmental Program Supervisor (Southern Regional Area Mgr./Inspections) 910-796-7367
Kelly Brannigan Environmental Specialist II (Shoreline Survey and Inspections) 910-796-7219
Phil D'Angelis Environmental Specialist (Shoreline Survey) 910-796-7240
Lucas Edmondson Environmental Specialist (Shellfish Water Quality Sampling) 910-796-7354
Mathew Stokley Environmental Technician II (Recreational Water Quality Sampling) 910-796-7228
Holly White Microbiology Laboratory Technician 910-796-7329