Processes and Awards

Contract Awards

DMS awards contracts for Full Delivery Projects, Design-Build Projects, Design-Bid-Build Projects, Mitigation Bank Credit Purchases, Watershed Planning and Research.  All design-bid-build services contracts are administered through the Department of Administration-State Construction Office.  All other contracts are overseen by the Department of Administration-Purchases and Contracts Division. 

Procurement Process

As part of its quality-control process, DMS can provide informational meetings for firms interested in working with DMS.  For questions or to set up an informational meeting, please contact Kristie Corson, Ph. (919) 707-8935

Through May 2018, the state has awarded approximately 876 contracts to support DMS full-delivery, watershed-planning/research, mitigation bank credit purchase, design-build and design-bid-build activities. The value of these contracts was $508,545,591.00. The following list describes the contract amounts by activity:

  • Watershed and Project Planning Services $3,139,441.00
  • Design-Bid-Build Services $95,073,960.00
  • Full Delivery $398,454,502.00
  • Mitigation Bank Purchases $5,656,040.00
  • Design-Build  $6,221,648.00

Contract Awards

2021-2023 On-Call Designer ListFi

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KCI Associates of NC



Michael Baker Engineering



Ecosystem Planning and Restoration