Business Practices for Compensatory Mitigation

The Division of Mitigation Services' (DMS) philosophy of doing business is based on a strategic planning process: the result of accepting compensatory mitigation responsibility from anticipated environmental impacts from transportation-infrastructure improvements and other economic development in the state. DMS analyzes mitigation need, compares it with existing asset inventory and determines the quantity and location of additional projects to meet the need.

DMS’s main procurement method occurs through its Full-Delivery program: the selection of contractors following a value-based method, that delivers mitigation credits by developing large mitigation projects.  DMS also purchases available private mitigation bank credits to meet mitigation needs quickly.

In addition, DMS secures professional services for planning and engineering tasks throughout the year on an as-needed basis. Engineering and biological services are procured by DMS utilizing a 2-year on-call designer pre-qualification list.  Planning contractors are secured through Requests for Proposals using a quality-cost method.

All DMS projects follow design and construction standards that support sound scientific criteria, employ best practices and represent accepted technical and engineering standards. Projects must meet or exceed federal and state water quality permitting regulations.

Vendors interested in working with the DMS on full-delivery projects, restoration design, construction or local watershed-planning projects should visit the state Interactive Purchasing System website for information about current requests for services.

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