Environmental Quality Information System - EQuIS

EQuIS (Environmental Quality Information Systems) is a software package licensed to NCDEQ. EQuIS is an advanced environmental data management and decision support system. Thousands of organizations use EQuIS to manage large amounts of data pertaining to environmental chemistry, biology, geology, geotechnical, hydrology, limnology, air, and associated compliance monitoring activities. This new tool speeds up workflows eliminating unnecessary lag time and expands the capabilities of what staff can do with data collected from multiple sources. Having environmental data stored in one location allow staff to conduct analyses that were previously time-consuming or not available. These types of analyses expand spatial awareness within several Divisions, increasing the ability to work towards common goals.

Key to the success of EQuIS is the ability to take in validated external data submissions or electronic data deliverables (EDDs). This reduces the amount of staff time spent on manipulating and formatting datasets.

Special Note

  • Use of the new NCDEQ Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) is intended to expand DEQ's data collection capabilities and allow for the systematic capture of environmental monitoring data. It is not intended to replace any reports or narratives that currently accompany this data.
  • Data providers should consult with their DEQ Project Manager prior to preparing and submitting EDDs to verify what data will be submitted for their project. The new NCDEQ EDD is built to be comprehensive in the data that can be collected, but it does not mean that providing all this data is required. Communication with the respective Project Manager can help to avoid unnecessary efforts.
  • It is the responsibility of the data provider to coordinate with the DEQ to ensure that the data collected are submitted under the correct Facility/Site ID. Please verify the Facility/Site ID number information with the Project Manager.

Below are the files recommended for use when submitting data in the EQuIS EDD. To see all files available for download, visit the NCDEQ Format Page on the Earthsoft website. All the free components used to submit environmental data can be downloaded from this page.

Name Description Size File Type Modified Date
EQuIS Data Processor (EDP) Free Validation Tool 52.4 MB .zip 2021.02.23
NCDEQ Format EQuIS Format 642 KB .zip 2021.12.17
NCDEQ Reference Values Reference Values for Lists 898 KB .rvf 2022.03.11
NCDEQ Blank Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) Excel Spreadsheet to transmit data 166 KB .xlxs 2022.01.07
Instructions for installing EQuIS Data Processor   648 KB .pdf  


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