Solid Waste Rules, Laws, and Regulations

The Solid Waste Section of the NCDEQ Division of Waste Management administers and enforces the state laws that apply to non-hazardous solid waste in Article 9 of Chapter 130A of the NC General Statutes and the state rules in Title 15A, Subchapter 13B of the NC Administrative Code shown below. The Solid Waste Section also has state program approval from the US EPA to administer certain applicable federal regulations.

The NC Environmental Management Commission has the authority to adopt or amend rules in 15A NCAC 13B. Any proposed new rules or amendments to existing rules in Subchapter 13B that are currently going through the rulemaking process, including public comment and hearing information, will also be provided below.

To view current proposed rules across all DEQ programs, see the DEQ Library of Proposed Rules.  To view rules and regulations for hazardous waste, please see the Hazardous Waste Section website for Rules and Regulations.

Tab/Accordion Items

NC Administrative Code Title 15A Chapter 13 Solid Waste Management (links to individual rules)
Subchapter B Rule .1713 "Requirements for Existing Structural Fills" establishes requirements for coal combustion product (CCP) structural fills in which CCP was placed prior to September 20, 2014.  Requirements for structural fills contracted for on or after September 20, 2014 can be found in NC General Statute in the Coal Ash Management Act of 2014, referenced below.

15A NCAC Subchapter 13B Solid Waste Management (.pdf copy of the Subchapter)

Existing Rule Review and Readoption of Title 15A Subchapter 13B Rules, 2016-2021

NC Administrative Code Title 15A Subchapter 02L Groundwater Classification and Standards

  • There are no proposed rule changes for solid waste management (non-hazardous) at this time. 
  • The next ten-year periodic rule review process required by G.S. 150B-21.3A is not expected to begin for the Solid Waste Section until after 2025.