DSCA Forms and Guidance

DSCA Remediation Forms

Petitioner Questionnaire- This form is intended to gather the minimum information necessary for the DSCA Program to prepare a complete petition package. Upon receipt and review of the information provided in this form, the DSCA Program will mail a complete petition package.

Petitioners that are property owners are required to notify the Program BEFORE the property is sold. The Petitioner is to fill out the Transfer of Property Ownership Form and mail it to the site's Project Manager.

The priority ranking of sites is revised annually for the initiation and scheduling of assessment and remediation activities using the DSCA Prioritization Ranking Form.  Several factors are considered in determining the priority ranking such as existing or potential impacts to water supply wells and surface water, the degree of contamination in soil, groundwater, and surface water, existing or potential exposure to contaminated soils or vapors entering structures and any other relevant factors posed by the contamination.  

Annual Certification of Land-Use Restrictions Form

On or by January 31st of each calendar year, owners of property where DSCA land-use restrictions are recorded are required to submit an annual certification form.

DSCA Compliance Forms


DSCA Remediation Guidance

DSCA Compliance Guidance