Entering the NC DSCA Program

It's easy to enter the NCDSCA Program beginning with a simple questionaire. Information is available about the petition, certification, legal agreements, application fee and timing of the application process.

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If you meet the requirements of eligibility, complete and submit a DSCA Petitioner Questionnaire. The questionnaire provides information needed by DSCA to prepare the petition package to continue the application process. When the questionnaire is submitted, evidence of dry-cleaning related contamination (i.e. environmental reports, laboratory analyses, etc.) should be submitted to confirm eligibility.

When DSCA receives the petitioner questionnaire, it is reviewed for eligibility and completeness.  If there are any issues with the questionnaire, a DSCA project manager will work with the petitioner to get additional information. 

The petitioner questionnaire is handled differently for active and non-active dry-cleaners.

  • Questionnaires for active dry-cleaners are referred to the DSCA Compliance Unit for confirmation that the facility is in compliance with environmental laws such as Minimum Management Practices (MMPs).  Oftentimes, the Compliance Unit will need to conduct a current inspection of the facility to approve the petitioner questionnaire. 
  • Questionnaires for non-active dry-cleaners are assigned to a DSCA project manager to complete the petition process.

DSCA will use the information from the completed questionnaire to prepare a Petition for Certification package that includes several documents – the petition and a separate Assessment and Remediation Agreement (ARA) for review and signature.  The ARA is a legal document outlining the terms and conditions between DSCA and the petitioner.  Examples of each document are provided below to show what you will receive with the petition package (these are examples only - please do not fill out these documents). 

The petitioner should return the original petition and ARA documents along with the $1000 application fee to the DSCA project manager named in the petition package. 

After the petition documents are received by DSCA, they will be signed and executed by DSCA.   The ARA must be executed in order for you to receive the liability protection afforded under DSCA.  A letter will also be prepared certifying the site into the DSCA program.  This certification letter can be used as proof of entry into the program for banks, lenders and interested parties. 

Once the DSCA program receives a DSCA Petitioner Questionnaire, it is reviewed for completeness and evidence of dry-cleaning solvent contamination within 3-5 business days.  If there are any issues with the questionnaire, it may take more time to get additional information from the petitioner. 

If the site is an active dry-cleaner, it may take 3-6 weeks to schedule an inspection of the facility depending on the workload of inspectors.  If violations are found during the inspection, it may take additional time to correct those issues before the petitioner questionnaire can be approved.

After a petitioner questionnaire has been reviewed and approved (if it is an active facility), the DSCA project manager will prepare the DSCA Petition for Certification package and Assessment and Remediation Agreement (ARA), typically within 3-5 business days. 

When the completed petition package, signed ARA and $1,000 application fee are received by DSCA, the executed documents and certification letter are sent to the petitioner typically within 3-5 business days. 

Tip:  The timeframes suggested here are approximate.  The DSCA program is sensitive to accelerated timeframes that are sometimes necessary for property transactions and makes every effort to work with all parties to meet those deadlines. Documents can be sent via email to expedite the process.