Drinking Water Watch

Online Data Review Disclaimer

Drinking Water Watch

This report is provided to summarize current information in the PWSS database.  Public water systems are encouraged to compare the information in this report to their records and to report any discrepancies to PWSS.  The inherent time lag between data collection and data entry or data errors may result in changes to the information provided.

Water system components--such as each well, intake, treatment plant, storage tank and the distribution system--are referred to as facilities.  Each water system has at least one facility.  Water system facilities may have one or more sampling points associated to them.  As an example, a plant facility might be labeled as P01 with the entry point (sampling point) known as E01.  A water system's monitoring requirements are determined from facility information and the number of customers served by the system.

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Check your records periodically.  If data are inconsistent with your records, contact the Public Water Supply Section to verify.