Plan Review Fees

In accordance with NCGS 130A-328, there will be a fee charged for plan review by the N.C. DEQ Public Water Supply Section. Any documents submitted for review on or after Oct. 3, 2023, must be accompanied by a check payable to DEQ-Public Water Supply Section before the review will begin.

** There is a $25 fee for returned checks **

The charges for review of plans are shown below.

Distribution System Fees

  • Construction of water lines, less than 5,000 linear feet - $300
  • Construction of water lines, 5,000 linear feet or more - $400
  • Other construction or alteration to a distribution system - $150

Ground Water System Fees

  • Construction of a new ground water system or adding a new well - $400
  • Alteration to an existing ground water system - $200

Surface Water System Fees

  • Construction of a new surface water treatment facility - $500
  • Alteration to existing surface water treatment facility - $300

Other Fees

  • Water System Management Plan review - $150
  • Miscellaneous changes or maintenance not covered above - $100


  1. The fee is not refundable if the plans are not approved.
  2. Revisions to plans to address PWS or other state agency's comments do not incur an additional fee.
  3. If one set of plans and specifications has multiple related sheets, such as a new well with construction of water lines, only one fee must be submitted for highest price item (the amounts are not cumulative, except fees for Water System Management Plans).
  4. Water System Management Plan review fees stand alone and must be included in addition to those for the review of the plans themselves.
  5. Thirty days after the receipt of plans and specifications for approval, if the appropriate plan review fee is not received, then all plan documents will be recycled. A new set of documents must then be submitted with the appropriate fee for approval.