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Project Files (electronic documents)
401 Factsheet
Environmental Management Commission
Application Tracker Map (click on map, select "Wetlands" layer for 401 & buffer projects)
DEQ Environmental Application Tracker (select "Wetlands" layer for 401 & buffer projects)
401 & Buffer Permit Tracker Map (also available as a layer in the DWR Map Locator)
NC DWR Map Locator (select "401 Certification Wetland Permits" layer)
Find a Surface Water Classification Map
Find Your HUC (Hydrologic Unit Code)
NC OneMap
DWR/DEQ Open Data Page

Streams, Lakes and Reservoirs

Floating Cabin Water Quality Certification Information Sheet
Disaster Debris Cleanup Guidance for Streams & Wetlands
NC Stream Identification Method 
Stream ID Training
NC Stream Assessment Method (NC SAM) info & links to assessment tools (via USACE RIBITS) 
Cumulative Impact Guidance 
Correlating Stream Biology with Buffer Quality-Final Report
Bottomless Culverts
Stream Origin Assessment South Creek, NC (PCS Phosphate Company)


Disaster Debris Cleanup Guidance for Streams & Wetlands
Wetlands Ditching and Draining
NC Wetlands (an outreach project of the NC Division of Water Resources)
Common Wetland Plants of North Carolina (an online version is also available) 
NC Wetland Assessment Method (NC WAM) info & links to assessment tools (Via USACE RIBITS)
What are wetlands?
Impacts of Global Warming on North Carolina's Coastal Economy
Fringe Wetlands on Isolated Ponds

Isolated / Federally "Non-jurisdictional" Wetlands and Waters

Revised Definition of ‘Waters of the United States’

Riparian Buffers

2020 Buffer Rule Changes: Neuse, Tar-Pamlico, Catawba, Randleman, Goose Creek 
    *Does not affect Jordan Buffer Rules 
Disaster Debris Cleanup Guidance for Buffers
Neuse and Tar-Pamlico Buffer Brochure  
Catawba Buffer Brochure                    
Goose Creek Buffer Brochure                       
Jordan Buffer Brochure
Randleman Buffer Brochure
Greenway/Hiking Trails Factsheet 
Trout Buffer Factsheet 
Study of the Neuse/Tar-Pamlico Buffer Rules (15A NCAC 02B .0233/.0259) Per SL 2011-394
NCSU Caring for your Lawn Factsheet
NC Forest Service Riparian Buffer Rules Information
List of Local Governments Administering State Riparian Buffer Rules
NCSU Stream Restoration Program's Riparian Vegetation Resources
NC State Cooperative Extension's Guide on Backyard Rain Gardens   
Rain Garden Guide for Individual Home Owners
NC State Cooperative Extension Bioretention Information
NC State Cooperative Extension Fact Sheets, Guidebooks & Design Bulletins
Invasive Exotic Plants of NC 
Stormwater Design Manual, Supplements and Forms
Nutrient Management Strategies