NPDES Permitting Program Staff

Branch Chief:    Michael Montebello  919-707-3624

NPDES Compliance and Expedited Permitting Staff

NPDES Minor permitting, general permits, compliance and enforcement. Each specialist below covers permit compliance issues in the designated DWR region. If you are not sure which regional office provides coverage for your facility, please see the DWR Regional Office Map.

VACANT Supervisor All Regions 919-707-3615
Charles Weaver Environmental Specialist II Asheville 919-707-3616
Kate Shadwell Environmental Specialist I Fayetteville 919-707-3613
Joe Corporon, P.G. Environmental Specialist I Mooresville 919-707-3617
Sydney Deuterman Environmental Specialist II Raleigh 919-707-3712
Siying (Sylvia) Chen Environmental Specialist II Washington 919-707-3619
Sara Bassett Environmental Specialist I Wilmington 919-707-3600
Caroline Robinson Environmental Specialist I Winston-Salem 919-707-3617
Bradley Bennett Environmental Specialist   919-707-3629

NPDES Industrial Permitting Staff

NPDES Industrial major/minor permitting, and Authorization to Construct (ATC) permits.

NAME TITLE PHONE                                        
Doug Dowden Supervisor 919-707-3605    
Fenton Brown, Jr.  Environmental Engineer II 919-707-3612
Davis (Davy) Conners PFAS Environmental Program Consultant 919-707-9078
Sergei Chernikov, Ph.D.  Environmental Engineer III 919-707-3606
Derek Denard Environmental Program Consultant 919-707-3618
Ori Tuvia Environmental Engineer II 704-235-2190
Elaine Wild Environmental Engineer III 919-707-3644

NPDES Municipal Permitting Staff

NPDES Municipal major/minor permitting, Level B modeling, CORMIX/dilution model evaluations.  Also, pretreatment, and collection systems which includes overseeing the implementation of state-approved pretreatment programs, responsible for the various permitting programs for wastewater collection systems, oversees wastewater collection construction, operation, maintenance, and enforcement.

Supervisor VACANT  919-707-3624 Municipal NPDES Permitting, Pretreatment, Collection Systems
Octavio Henriquez Environmental Engineer 919-707-3662 Pretreatment Coordinator
Keyes McGee Environmental Engineer II 919-707-3626 Pretreatment Oversight
Al Woodall Environmental Engineer  919-707-3608 Pretreatment Coordinator 
Zac Lentz, P.E. Environmental Engineer II 919-707-3620 Collection Systems and NPDES
Andrew Girgis Environmental Engineer  919-707-3604 Collection Systems and NPDES
Dale Crisp, P.E. Environmental Engineer 919-707-3603 Collection Systems and NPDES
Nick Coco, P.E. Environmental Engineer III 919-707-3609 Municipal NPDES Permitting
Gary Perlmutter, M.Sc. Environmental Specialist II 919-707-3611 Municipal NPDES Permitting
Matthew Nevills Environmental Specialist  919-809-3573 NPDES Technical Support
Alice Wessner Environmental Engineer II 919-707-3627 Municipal NPDES Permitting
Natalie Gorensek Environmental Engineer II 919-707-3600 Pretreatment Coordinator
Urva Patel Environmental Engineer II 919-707-3628 Municipal NPDES Permitting
Saad Masood Environmental Engineer III 919-707-9064 Municipal NPDES Permitting

Mailing Address:

Division of Water Resources
Water Quality Permitting Section - NPDES
1617 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1617

Physical Address:

Archdale Building - 9th Floor
512 North Salisbury Street
Raleigh, NC 27604