Mud Creek Watershed

Mud Creek Watershed Summary of Impairments and Restoration

Located in Henderson County, North Carolina, Mud Creek and several of its tributaries are not supporting their uses.  They have been impaired since 1998.  In 2000, the Land of Sky Regional Council of Governments convened local stakeholders to combine and focus stream improvement efforts.  The Mud Creek Watershed Council has remained an informal but active coalition of partner agencies, organizations, local government officials and staff, and private entities.

Numerous Mud Creek Watershed studies have helped identify the causes and sources of the problems and then there have been several management measures implemented in the watershed to address and correct the problems. 

Some specific measures implemented have included pesticide application management, streambank  stabilization and stream restoration, pasture watering system installation, certification of professional landscapers in the areas of stream stabilization and restoration.  There has also been extensive education and outreach in the watershed that has contributed to a slowly changing political climate that has resulted in Henderson County adopted a new locl Sedimentation and Erosion Control ordinance in 2007 and also considering a local stormwater ordinance. 

Mud Creek Watershed Council efforts were recognized by EPA in 2009.  Efforts in Clear Creek watershed (a Mud Creek subwatershed) resulted in 50 percent of the assessment units in that watershed being restored.  These improvements were officially approved by EPA under a policy measure known as SP12.  Congratulations to the Mud Creek watershed folks!