River Basin Bi-State Commissions

The purpose of the commissions is to:

  1. Provide guidance and make recommendations to local, state, and federal legislative and administrative bodies, and to others as it considers necessary and appropriate, for the use, stewardship, and enhancement of the water, and other natural resources, for all citizens within the river basins.
  2. Provide a forum for discussion of issues affecting the river basin's water quantity and water quality, and issues affecting other natural resources.
  3. Promote communication, coordination, and education among stakeholders within the river basins.
  4. Identify problems and recommend appropriate solutions.
  5. Undertake studies related to water quantity, water quality, and other natural resources in the river basin based on existing data available from agencies located in either state.
  6. Determine the optimum approach to comprehensively and collaboratively provide recommendations for integrated river management including, but not limited to, the total assimilative capacity of the river basin.

The authority granted to the commissions is to be advisory in nature and in no way are the commissions to be construed to have any regulatory authority.

North Carolina is a member of the following River Basin Bi-State Commissions: