Submittal Meetings

What is a Submittal Meeting?

A submittal meeting is an opportunity for you to submit your permit application via the Standard Review Process directly to Animal Feeding Operations Program (AFO) staff, while providing you a venue to:

•    Discuss the general scope of your project;
•    Give a history of your site;
•    Talk about design considerations;
•    Present new ideas, designs and technology;
•    Identify policies and regulations that create opportunities or lead to constraints;
•    Ask preliminary questions of the reviewers; 
•    Provide feedback; and  
•    Understand the permitting process.

Furthermore, a submittal meeting gives you the opportunity to develop a better rapport with AFO staff, thus improving overall communication, which typically results in shorter review times.  Please note that acceptance of your application at the submittal meeting does not guarantee a permit issuance.

How do I schedule a Submittal Meeting?

If you are interested in scheduling a submittal meeting, please complete the Online Submittal Meeting Request form at least one week prior to your desired submittal date.  Staff will contact you to confirm the meeting date, time and location. 

What do I bring to a Submittal Meeting?

You should bring the appropriate number of copies of the application form and supporting documentation as specified in the application instructions.  Please note that failure to bring the appropriate number of the following critical items to the submittal meeting will result in your application not being accepted:

Animal Waste Management Plan Application Form Agronomic Evaluation*  
Engineering Plans* Engineering Calculations*  Specifications*  
* If necessary

Who attends a Submittal Meeting?

A Central Office primary reviewer will always be in attendance, and Regional Office staff may be present depending on the meeting location.  It is expected that the project’s consulting engineer or Technical Specialist be in attendance.  Additional consultants, such as soil scientists and geologists, as well as the owner may attend, however their presence is not required.


Please direct questions to the Animal Feeding Operations Program at (919) 707-9129.