Water Resources Public Information

Public Information Officer: Laura Oleniacz. You can also contact Josh Kastrinsky or Kathleen Russell for assistance.

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Welcome to the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality Division of Water Resources (DWR) Public Information Office.

Our division is responsible for implementing the federal and state regulations that manage and protect of water quality and quantity across North Carolina. Our staff accomplishes these responsibilities through:

  • working closely with citizens, businesses and local governments to implement appropriate means to protect and improve water quality in our communities in compliance with regulatory structures;
  • applying sound scientific methods to practices, investigations and research; and
  • improving public access to information - including studies, reports, documentation and educational materials - in order to preserve agency transparency and access.

The DWR Public Information Office works closely with DEQ Office of Environmental Education and Public Affairs and support's the department's initiatives and objectives through communications, outreach and dissemination of information to the public in a professional and accessible manner.

We welcome your questions and comments concerning issues affecting the state's surface and groundwater resources.