Aquatic Toxicology Branch Downloads

Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) Downloads

NC DWR Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) Guidance

Understanding and Implementing Your Monitoring Requirement 
DWR WET Strategy
Alternate Species Toxicity Testing
NPDES Reporting Requirements
Checklist for Municipal Application Requirements


Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) Procedures

EPA Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) Methods

NC DWR Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) Procedures


NC DWR Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) Enforcement Policy:

Revised Whole Effluent Toxicity Enforcement Policy - Sept. 1999
Ceriodaphnia Chronic Limit Language
Policy Revision Notification Letter (Effective Sept.1, 1999)

NC DWR Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) Reporting Forms:

Report Form AT-1: NPDES acute LC50 and chronic pass/fail 
Report Form AT-2: NPDES acute pass/fail analysis  
Report Form AT-3: NPDES Phase II chronic Ceriodaphnia and pass/fail analysis 
Report Form AT-4: NPDES chronic Mysidopsis bahia pass/fail and multi-concentration
Report Form AT-5: NPDES chronic Pimephales promelas multi-concentration
Parameter Codes for form MR-1 


NC DWR Polyacrylamide (PAM) Products Information

NC DWR Guidance for the use of Polyacrylamide (PAM) products 
NC DWR Approved PAMs/Flocculants List 


Whole Effluent Toxicity Testing Self Monitoring Summary


Biological Laboratory Downloads

Certification/ Renewal Application
Laboratory Certification Rules
Certification/Criteria Procedures Document
Biological Laboratory Certification Guidance Manual for Effluent Toxicity

DWR Certified Laboratory List 

Other Downloads

TRE Guidance Document
TRE Guidance for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants, EPA 833-B-99-002
Additional EPA TIE/TRE guidance (March, 2001)
Biocide Worksheet (Excel)
Biocide Worksheet Form 101(Word)
Biocide Worksheet Form 101(pdf)
SETAC EAP False Positives


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