Inorganic Chemistry Unit

Unit SupervisorApril Williams

Comprised of the Nutrients and Wet Chemistry analytical groups.

Responsible for analysis of water samples for the parameters listed below utilizing a variety of analytical systems and procedures that include ion chromatography, flow injection analysis, fluorometry, spectrophotometry, and gravimetric analysis.

Nutrients Analytical Unit


Ammonia Nitrogen (NH3-N)

Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN)

Nitrate + Nitrite Nitrogen (NO3NO2-N)

Total Phosphorus (TP)

Nitrite Nitrogen (NO2-N)

Nitrate Nitrogen (calculated)

Orthophosphate (PO4)

Dissolved TP

Dissolved TKN


Note: Ammonia Nitrogen = NH3 + NH4; Total Nitrogen = TKN + NO3NO2; Organic Nitrogen = TKN – NH3-N

Wet Chemistry Analytical Unit


Bromide (Br-)

Fluoride (F-)

Chloride (Cl-)

Sulfate (SO42-)

Chemical Oxygen Demand

Chlorophyll a

Color - ADMI

Color – Platinum Cobalt

Cyanide, total

Hexavalent Chromium – Cr(VI)

MBAS (surfactants)

Oil & Grease, HEM


Silica (SiO2)

Phenols, total

Tannin & Lignin





Suspended Solids (total, fixed, volatile), Total Solids (total, fixed, volatile), Total Dissolved Solids


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