Laboratory Contact Information

Central Laboratory Information:

Street Address:  4405 Reedy Creek Road, Raleigh, NC 27607

Mailing Address:  1623 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1623

Telephone Number:  919-745-4360

Fax Number:  919-745-4430

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Laboratory Management - Contact Information:




Johnson, Chris Chief - Water Sciences Section 919-743-8418
Crawford, Todd Manager - Laboratory Certification Branch 919-743-4366
Stafford, Ellen Manager - Inorganic Chemistry Branch 919-743-4387
Henderson, Edith Manager - Organic Chemistry Branch 919-743-4374

Laboratory Staff - Contact Information


Laboratory Group


Seaver, Jennifer Administration / Support 919-743-4361
Vacant Administration / Support 919-743-4363
Ascenzo, Thomas Sample Receiving 919-743-4365
Swift, Marlene Sample Receiving / Administrative Support 919-743-4364
Jones, Nick Quality Assurance Officer 919-743-4367
Jimison, Kathy Asheville Regional Laboratory (Lead Chemist) 828-296-4678
Williams, April Wet Chemistry & Nutrients - Unit Supervisor 919-743-4401
Ibrahim, Magdi Wet Chemistry (Lead Chemist) 919-743-4402
Rice, Alyson Nutrients (Lead Chemist) 919-743-4403
Arey, Samuel Wet Chemistry & Nutrients  919-743-4404
Mintz, Vicky Wet Chemistry & Nutrients  919-743-4408
Mitchell, Lori Wet Chemistry & Nutrients  919-743-4405
Owen-Zdanski, Mary Beth Wet Chemistry & Nutrients  919-743-4407
Jurgevich, Joseph Metals & Microbiology - Unit Supervisor 919-743-4388
Ajayi, Mojisola Microbiology (Lead Chemist) 919-743-4396
Black, Deirdre Microbiology 919-743-4397
Bullard, Sam Microbiology 919-743-4398
Huertas, Veronica Microbiology 919-743-4399
Adelhardt, Teri Metals 919-743-4391
Halpin, John Metals 919-743-4390
Thompson, Nikita Metals 919-743-4392
Martin, Allen PFA (Lead Chemist) 919-743-4378
Feldhaus, James PFA 919-743-4379
Holmes, Brandon PFA 919-743-4406
Fay, Jessica PFA / SVOA 919-743-4385
Lyde, Yvette Semi-Volatiles (Lead Chemist) 919-743-4367
Hayes, Janet Pesticides (Lead Chemist) 919-743-4380
Genna, Bernie Pesticides 919-743-4381
Andrews, Victor Volatile (Lead Chemist) 919-743-4383
Terry, Angela N. Volatile 919-743-4384

A link to the organizational chart of the WSS Chemistry Laboratory can be found on the DWR homepage


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