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Recycling Market Pricing Information

The following sources of information can help in tracking recycling commodity pricing. Keep in mind that pricing information tends to be general and may not apply directly to your specific area or status in the supply chain. Still, these sources can give you good estimates of general price trends for various commodities.

Recycling Works newsletter

On the last page of each edition, Recycling Works includes price reports from three MRFs in North Carolina for traditional recyclable materials. The prices posted represent the price that the MRFs are receiving from mills and secondary processors they supply.

Official Board Markets “Yellow Sheet”

This source tracks mill and export pricing for different paper grades. A subscription is required, but this source is the industry standard and is often referenced in price setting between suppliers, processors and mills. For example, a processor may offer a collector “Yellow Sheet - $20/ton” for cardboard.


Kitco tracks prices for non-ferrous metals and includes access to chart tracking trends over different time periods.

Resource Recycling

Resource Recycling’s monthly print edition includes commentary on pricing trends, and the organization’s three electronic newsletters (The Latest Recycling News, E-Scrap News, and Plastics Recycling Update) often contain general market information.

Recycler’s World/Recycle Net is a service of RecycleNet Corporation.  This service provides free composite index pricing for various recyclable commodities.  Spot market pricing and historical price data are available for a fee. 

Recycling Today

Recycling Today provides a Ferrous Scrap Price Index on its Web page.

London Metal Exchange

The London Metal Exchange is one of the world’s most important trading places for metals and other commodities. LME provides some market data for free; however, you must sign up to receive it.