Quick Guide

Quick Guide to Setting up a Public Cooking Oil Collection Program

  1. Determine need in community for UCO
    • Is there public demand?
    • Does your community have sanitary sewer overflow issues?
  2. Locate UCO haulers that service your area. (DEACS Recycling Markets Directory)
  3. Determine container size, type, and drop off locations.
    • Vendors can help with container size determination.
    • Staffed convenience centers are best locations.
    • If possible, place containers in sight of attendant.
  4. Negotiate service terms with vendor
  5. Develop signage, outreach and edcuational materials for the public. (DEACS can assist)
  6. Educate convenience center staff and public about program, determine if staff or public will pour used oil into storage tank.
  7. Continually assess program to determine if is needs adjusting.
  8. Report gallons collected on Annual Solid Waste Materials Management Report.