Waste Assessments

No Cost, Confidential and Non-regulatory

Onsite solid waste assessments are among the services available from the Division of and Environmental Assistance and Customer Service (DEACS). For two decades, DEACS has conducted these assessments for a wide range of North Carolina large and small facilites as well as local governments. This assessment outlines a facility's options for reducing waste generation and waste management costs.

The division has a knowledgeable staff of environmental professionals with manufacturing, regulatory and consulting backgrounds. Their experience enables them to make suggestions on possible material substitutions, process improvements, water and chemical conservation, inventory management, preventive maintenance, housekeeping and reuse and recycling opportunities.

The DEACS staff will visit a facility to examine process operations and pertinent waste generation data. After the visit, DEACS will research technologies and management practices that the facility may be able to implement. A report will be provided containing a summary of costs for waste generation and management, and a list of pollution prevention practices or technologies the facility may want to consider. The DEACS staff can suggest practical options to help a facility reduce its waste generation, achieve regulatory compliance and save money as well. DEACS is a non-regulatory program and DEQ's confidentiality policy states that the regulatory divisions will not seek to obtain information from DEACS about the compliance status of any individual or company for the purpose of taking enforcement action.

If areas of non-compliance are identified during a site visit, facility personnel will be made aware of it.

If you would like additional information, contact at 919-707-8143 or 877-623-6748.