Tips for Local Governments

EVALUATE current programs and infrastructure

In banning wooden pallets from landfill disposal, HB1465 placed no obligation on local governments to start wood pallet recycling programs. However, if your facility has a yard waste or clean wood waste recycling program, it may be easy to add pallets to the mix. Local governments should first evaluate the current services they offer and the infrastructure available locally, such as local pallet recycling companies. For assistance, contact our Local Government Assistance Team.

FIND a pallet recycling market

Pallets can be “recycled” by a number of different type markets, ranging from reuse and repair to grinding for mulch or boiler fuel. The N.C. Recycling Markets Directory lists pallet recyclers. Pallets may also be listed on the NC WasteTrader waste exchange.

Set up a collection SITE

Pallet collection sites typically require very little equipment or supplies. A separate area for pallets can be designated at most existing local government solid waste or yard waste facilities. Minimal signage is typically required for such collection sites. Pallets that are unsuitable for reuse or repair may be mixed with yard waste, clean wood waste or construction and demolition operations.

Determine pallet recycling programs COSTS

Potential costs for developing a pallet recycling program may involve purchasing signs, advertising costs, containers to hold the pallets and transportation to haul the pallets to the market. Pallet recyclers may take on some of these costs, depending on the quality of the materials available. If pallet grinding is an option, your facility may either purchase grinding equipment or find it more cost effective to hire a contract grinder. Many contract grinders can be found in the Recycling Markets Directory.

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