Allen Steam Station Coal Ash Closure

Under a settlement agreement with community and environmental groups and Duke Energy that ends the appeal litigation, Duke Energy will move forward with excavation plans at the Allen Steam Station and dispose of ash in a lined onsite landfill.

Duke submitted a closure plan by the December 31, 2019 deadline, as required by the Coal Ash Management Act (CAMA) of 2016 and in accordance with the agreement.  On October 28, 2020, DEQ approved the closure plan. Access historical Public Meetings.

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Division of Air Quality

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Division of Waste Management

To satisfy the approved closure plans for Allen Steam Station, the Division of Waste Management will permit three Coal Combustion Residual Landfills.

Allen Steam Station Facility Permit Documentation – North Starter Landfill, South Starter Landfill, and Ash Basin Landfill

Permit 3620-INDUS-2022, South Starter Landfill

Permit 3619-INDUS-2021, Allen North Starter Landfill

Division of Water Resources

The Coal Ash Management Act (CAMA) provides three principal closure pathways:

  • Option A: closure in a manner allowed for a high-risk site, such as excavation and disposal in a lined landfill
  • Option B: closure with a cap-in-place system similar to the requirements for a municipal solid waste landfill
    • for this option, there is a further requirement that upon full implementation of the closure plan, the groundwater must be in compliance with the 2L standard at the compliance boundary of the impoundment.
  • Option C: closure in accordance with the federal CCR rule adopted by the EPA. 

After conducting a rigorous scientific review of Duke Energy’s proposals for Allen, and conducting public listening sessions in impacted communities, DEQ has determined Option A is the only closure option that meets the requirements of Coal Ash Management Act to best protect public health and the environment. Coal ash must be excavated and moved to a lined landfill.

DEQ's Coal Ash Impoundment Closure Determination (April 1, 2019) 
Preliminary Groundwater Flow and Transport Modeling (Fate Transport)
Community Impact Analysis (NEBA)
Comprehensive Site Assessment -- Report, Figures, Tables, and Appendices
Public Comments -- January 2019
Saturated Ash Considerations