Air Quality and Emerging Compounds

As part of the ongoing effort to understand and track emerging compounds in North Carolina, the Division of Air Quality has established a Background PFAS Rainwater Network to monitor for the presence of PFAS.   These sites allow DAQ to monitor for PFAS deposition via air emissions.  

There are seven background sites generally oriented near the division's regional offices:

  • Raleigh – started 4/24/18
  • Fayetteville (Candor) – started 10/24/18
  • Asheville – started 11/20/18
  • Wilmington – started 1/8/19
  • Washington – started 2/12/19
  • Mooresville – started 3/12/19
  • Winston Salem – started 3/26/19


Weekly reports will be uploaded to Laserfiche at the link below:

Laboratory Analysis Reports

The Division of Air Quality is developing a more robust and user-friendly tool to view PFAS deposition data. Previous maps at the links below provide information about our deposition data through 2021. 


Since January of 2018, the Division of Air Quality has been monitoring rainwater to assess the deposition of GenX via air emissions from the Chemours facility.  

GenX Rainwater Monitoring Results