Emission Estimation Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets for estimating emissions from...
Asphalt Plants   Rev. G 08/30/2019
Coal Combustion   Rev. H 02/07/2012
Concrete Batching   Rev. D 10/15/2015
Cotton Gins   Rev. E 01/03/2007
Feedmills   Rev. A 02/11/1996
Fuel Oil Combustion   Rev. G 11/05/2012
Human Crematory Rev. R02 08/19/2019
Internal Combustion (large gasoline and diesel engines)   Rev. J 06/22/2015
Internal Combustion (small gasoline and diesel engines)   Rev. S 06/22/2015
LPG Combustion   Rev. F 01/05/2017
Natural Gas Combustion   Rev. N 01/05/2017
Stone Quarries and Stone Crushing   Rev. C 05/23/2011
Wood Waste Combustion   Rev. L 09/03/2019
Woodwork   Rev. C 07/09/2007
Woodwork (Lumber Kilns)
[Documentation for Woodwork (Lumber Kilns)]
  Rev. C 07/10/2007
Official N.C. Permitting Control Device Analysis Spreadsheets
Cyclones Cycl2000 04/25/2000
[Bagfilter Evaluation Primer]
Vers. 3.3 09/23/1999

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