Implementing "TV Minor Modifications" Prior to Permit Revision

In accordance with 15A NCAC 2Q .0515, Title V permittees may make changes to their facility prior to receiving a revised permit if the following four (4) conditions are met:


The change is a "minor modification" under 15A NCAC 2Q .0515 and does not revise any state-enforceable only portion of the permit. Minor modifications which qualify for implementation prior to permit revision are changes that:

  • do not violate any applicable requirement;
  • do not involve significant changes to existing monitoring, recordkeeping or reporting requirements in the permit;
  • do not require a permit under the North Carolina Toxics program;
  • do not require PSD netting;
  • do not require or change a case-by-case determination of an emission limitation or other standard, or a source-specific determination for temporary sources of ambient impacts, or a visibility or increment analysis;
  • do not seek to establish or change a permit term or condition (i.e. PSD/MACT avoidance condition) for which there is no corresponding underlying applicable requirement and that the facility has assumed to avoid an applicable requirement to which the facility would otherwise be subject. Such terms and conditions include a federally enforceable emissions cap assumed to avoid an applicable requirement under any provision of Title I of the federal Clean Air Act or an alternative emissions limit approved as part of an early reduction plan submitted pursuant to Section 112(i)(5) of the federal Clean Air Act;
  • are not modifications under any provision of Title I of the federal Clean Air Act; and
  • are not required to be processed as a significant modification under 15A NCAC 2Q .0516.

The permittee submits a complete Title V permit application. Complete applications include:

  • Forms A, A1-MINOR, A2, A3, D1, E1, E2, and E5 and any other applicable B/C/D/E form(s);
    See: Application Forms for Non-Title V & Title V Facilities
  • The proposed interim permit terms and conditions for the new and/or modified sources;
  • The application fee consistent with 15A NCAC 2Q .0200; and
  • If expanding or adding new sources, a zoning consistency determination consistent with 15A NCAC 2Q .0507(d).
  • Completed applications should be sent to:

    (one signed original and one signed copy)

    Mr. Mark Cuilla
    Chief, Permitting Section
    1641 Mail Service Center
    Raleigh, NC 27699-1641


    (one signed copy)

    NC Division of Air Quality Regional Supervisor
    (see here for regional contact information)

3. The permittee has received an acknowledgment letter that the application is complete.
(Completeness determination letters will be sent within 10 business days of receipt of a complete application.)
4. The Permittee follows the proposed interim permit terms and conditions and any other applicable requirements governing the change(s) until the DAQ takes final action on the application.
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The applicant assumes all financial risks associated with construction and operation without a permit revision.