Air Quality Planning

Planning Section

The Planning Section develops emissions inventories for all sources that emit air pollutants and performs computer modeling and analyses to determine how to attain and maintain air quality standards. Planning works with the Environmental Management Commission and the Legislature to develop rules, regulations and programs for meeting air quality standards and other state and federal requirements related to air quality. Planning also develops air quality forecasts and coordinates the N.C. Air Awareness Program, which educates and informs the public about air pollution, its causes and effects, and prevention methods.

View current attainment status maps (ozone, fine particulate matter, carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide)
Links to designation history by pollutant (proposed/final standards, boundary recommendations and EPA actions)
View all current air quality rules and their supporting materials and current rule-making activities
     EPA actions related to fossil fuel-fired electric generating units and N.C. correspondences
View redesignation requests, maintenance plans, infrastructure plans, non-interference demonstrations, and other state implementation plan submittals
View instructions and guidance for submitting stationary source emission inventories
     View Power BI report of most recent emission inventory years and emission inventory data in Excel          format for calendar years 2010 to current.
     View a GIS map of all the facilities regulated by air permits. The tool provides this information in a            simple map format, and has the capability to query, create reports, overlay GIS layers, print maps            and link to site-specific documents.
Links to reports related the Clean Smokestacks Act, N.C. Air Toxics Program and N.C. Inspection and Maintenance Program
Links to the latest report on North Carolina air quality and emissions trends.
Education and Outreach
     View tomorrow’s forecast for ozone and fine particulate matter
     View tools and resources for teachers, students, and businesses
     View tools and resources to improve industrial energy efficiency


Randy Strait
Planning Section Chief
Tammy Manning
Attainment Planning Branch Supervisor
Katie Quinlan
Rule Development Branch Supervisor
Robin Barrows
Allied Programs Branch Supervisor