Air Quality Rules & Regulations

Current Rules and Supporting Materials Current Rule-Making Activities

View the most recent compilation of air quality rules codified in the North Carolina Administrative Code.

Draft Rules
View or submit comments on draft rules under development.

Air Quality Committee (AQC)
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Rules in the Hearing Process
View or comment on proposed rules currently in the hearing process.
Important Letters & Memoranda
Browse a collection of letters and memos concerning North Carolina's air quality rules.
Rules Awaiting Approval
View air quality rules recently adopted by the Environmental Management Commission but awaiting Rules Review Commission approval.
Permit Fees Schedule
View current DAQ permit and application fees.
Rules Awaiting Legislative Review
View air quality rules recently approved by the Rules Review Commission but awaiting legislative review.

Permit Exemptions and Registration
View the final streamlined permit exemption rules and related implementation materials.

EPA's Power Sector Carbon Pollution Standards
Emission standards for fossil fuel-fired electric generating units (EGUs).

CAA Section 110 SIP Submissions
View DAQ SIP submissions related to the Section 110 of CAA by Subject

Periodic Review of Existing Rules
View the status of the Periodic Review of Existing Rules pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A.

CAA Section 111(d)/129 State Plan Notices and Submissions
View DAQ State Plan notices and submissions related to the Section 111(d)/129 of CAA by Subject

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