DERA Grant Success Stories

Since 1995, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Division of Air Quality (DAQ) has offered individuals, businesses and organizations grant funding to help cover the costs of their emission reduction projects. DAQ staff performed follow-up visits with some of the recent grant recipients. The results product of those visits are the following case studies.

These case studies are intended to provide North Carolinians with emission reduction information and to encourage those interested in similar projects to look into the state's grant funding opportunities.

For more information about these case studies, contact Sheila Blanchard at 919-707-8423 or

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2013 Skyland Fire Department - Diesel Oxidation Catalyst Retrofits         A White Truck
2013 Warren Wilson College - Diesel to Electric Truck Conversion         A beat down truck with fake teeth
2013 CSX Intermodal Terminals Charlotte - Loaded Container Handler Engine Replacement         Construction Truck
2013 The Biltmore Estate - Shuttle Bus and Company Police Vehicle Propane Conversions         White cars lined up next to each other
2012 iCAN Construction Waste Recycling - Roll Off Truck Replacement         Construction vehicles at work
2012 Benfield Sanitation Services - CNG Truck Replacement         Garbage Truck
2012 Wilmington International Airport - Riding Mower Replacements         Lawn Mowers
2012 Jennifer G - Marine Diesel Engine Replacement         White boat
2012 Piedmont Triad International Airport - Low Emissions Shuttle Bus Replacement         White small bus
2011 Triangle J Council of Governments - Refuse Truck Replacements         White garbage truck
2008 Haywood Community College - Electric Vehicle Purchase         Small white car
2008 Old Salem Museum-Electric Vehicle Purchase         White golf cart
2008 Catawba County Schools - Diesel Oxidation_Catalyst and Closed Crankcase Ventilation System Retrofits         School buses lined up next to each other