February 2024 Meeting Agenda

February 21st

10:30   Coastal Resources Advisory Council Meeting

CAMA 50th Anniversary Review

1:30     Welcome

  • Tancred Miller, DCM Director
  • Elizabeth Biser, DEQ Secretary                                                                                    
  • Renee Cahoon, CRC Chair

1:45     History of the NC Coastal Area Management Act                   Moderator: Mike Lopazanski

  • Mike Lopazanski, DCM Deputy Director
  • David Owens, Emeritus Professor, UNC School of Government, Former DCM staff 1978-1983, Director 1984-1989
  • Joelle Gore, Chief, Stewardship Division, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Office for Coastal Management
  • Judge Willis Whichard, Associate Judge (ret.), NC Supreme Court, Former State Representative (1970-1974), Principal House Sponsor Coastal Area Management Act
  • Commission Discussion

2:30     CAMA Regulatory Framework                                           Moderator: Jonathan Howell

  • Jonathan Howell, DCM Regulatory Section Chief
  • Tommy Fennel, USACE Wilmington District
  • Dawn York, Moffatt & Nichol
  • Greg “Rudi” Rudolph, NV5
  • Commission Discussion

3:30     Local Governments & Partnerships Panel                                   Moderator: Rachel Love-Adrick

  • Rachel Love-Adrick, DCM District Planner
  • Jamie Heath, Mid-East Commission
  • Kris Noble, Hyde County
  • Bill Raney, Masonboro Island Reserve Local Advisory Committee
  • Layton Bedsole, New Hanover County
  • Commission Discussion

4:30     Legislative Panel                                                                            

  • Rep. Charles Miller
  • Sen. Norman Sanderson
  • Rep. Carson Smith                                                                                                                          

5:15     recess

5:30     CAMA 50th Anniversary Reception

  • Tancred Miller, DCM Director
  • Secretary Elizabeth Biser
  • Braxton Davis, NC Coastal Federation Executive Director
  • Kathleen Reily, NCBIWA Executive Director

February 22nd

9:00     Commission Call to Order* **                                                                              Renee Cahoon, Chair

  • Roll Call
  • Chair’s Comments
  • Approval of November 2023 Meeting Minutes
  • Approval of December 2023 Special Meeting Minutes
  • Executive Secretary’s Report                                                                                         Tancred Miller
  • CRAC Report                                                                                                                  Bobby Outten, CRAC Chair

9:45        Action Item

  • Consideration of Town of Kure Beach’s Beach Management Plan (CRC 24-01)                                   Ken Richardson/Nicole Vanderbeke                                       

10:15       CRC/DCM Communication                 

  • Meeting Format
  • Other Communication

10:45   Public Input and Comment

11:00   Information Item

  • Consideration of Public Comments on Temporary Rules                   Mary Lucasse; Daniel Govoni

15A NCAC 7H .0507  Unique Coastal Geologic Formations AEC                                

15A NCAC 7H .0508  Use Standards

15A NCAC 7H .0509  Significant Coastal Archaeological Resources AEC

15A NCAC 7I .0702   When The Local Permitting Agency Exceeds Local Authority

15A NCAC 7J .0203   Standards for Work Plats

15A NCAC 7J .0204   Application Processing

15A NCAC 7J .0206   Public Notice Requirements

15A NCAC 7J .0207   Review of Major Development and Dredge and Fill Applications

15A NCAC 7J .0208   Permit Conditions

15A NCAC 7M .0401 Coastal Energy Development – General Policies

15A NCAC 7M .0402 Coastal Energy Development - Definitions

15A NCAC 7M .0403 Energy Development – Specific Policies

15A NCAC 7M .0701 Mitigation General Policies

15A NCAC 7M .0703 Mitigation Projects

15A NCAC 7M .0704 Mitigation –Specific Policies

15A NCAC 7M .1101 Beneficial Use Of Dredged Materials From Navigational 
                                    Channel Maintenance and Excavation – General Policies


11:30   Litigation Update   (CRC 24-02)                                                                           Mary Lucasse

11:45   Old/New Business                                                                                                    Renee Cahoon, Chair

12:00   Adjourn