April 2024 Meeting Agenda

April 24


3:00     Commission Call to Order                                                                         Renee Cahoon, Chair

  • Roll Call
  • Chair’s Comments
    • Science Panel Recommendation
  • Approval of February 22, 2024 CRC Meeting Minutes (Revised New Business)
  • Approval of March 13, 2024 Specially Called Meeting Minutes
  • CRAC Report                                Bobby Outten, Chair
  • Executive Secretary’s Report           Tancred Miller

3:30        Sea Level Rise    

  • Sea Level Rise Context, Impacts and Panel Overview      Laura Moore, Chair
  • NC Sea Level Rise and High Tide Flooding Projections      William Sweet, NOAA
  • Sunny Day Flood Monitoring      Katherine Anarde, NCSU/Miyuki Hino, NC Sea Grant
  • SECOORA Water Level Monitoring  Jennifer Dorton, SECOORA 

5:00     Recess                    

April 25

9:00     Commission Call to Order  Renee Cahoon, Chair 

9:10     Variances

  • Andrus - (CRC-VR-24-01)Kitty Hawk, Pier length               Yvonne Carver, DCM, Christine                                                                                                          Goebel, Esq./Paul Andrus, Pro-se

10:30   Resilient Coastal Communities Program                                                          

  • Program Updates (CRC-24-03)           Mackenzie Todd
  • Contractor Role & Technical Assistance     Meg Perry, SWCA Environmental Consultants
  • Town of Belhaven Coastal Resiliency Efforts          Lynn Davis, Town Mgr.

11:30   Public Input and Comment

11:45   Lunch

1:00     Temporary Rulemaking Update

  • Objection from Rules Revision Commission (CRC-24-04)                                                  Phillip Reynolds
  • Correspondence from RRC
  • Discussion in closed session      Phillip Reynolds     

    1:45     Permanent rulemaking                                              

    Part I: Recommendations for Permanent Rulemaking (CRC-24-05)

  • Former 15A NCAC 07J .0203 Standards for Work Plats                                                                                    Jonathan Howell
  • Former 15A NCAC 07J .0204 Processing the Application                                                                               Jonathan Howell
  • 15A NCAC 07J .0206 Public Notice Requirements                                                                  Jonathan Howell
  • Former 15A NCAC 07J .0207 Review of Major Development and Dredge & Fill Applications       Jonathan Howell
  • Former 15A NCAC 07J .0208 Permit Conditions                                                                                   Jonathan Howell
  • 15A NCAC 07M .0703 Mitigation Projects                                                                                 Jonathan Howell
  • 15A NCAC 07H .0508 Jockey’s Ridge Area of Environmental Concern       Daniel Govoni            

     Part II:

  • 15A NCAC 07H .0313 Installation and Maintenance of Wheat Straw Bales for Sand Fencing (CRC 24-07)                     Heather Coats

    3:45     Legal Updates                        

  • Update on Litigation of Interest to the Commission (CRC-24-06)           Phillip Reynolds

    4:00     Old/New Business          Renee Cahoon, Chair

    4:15     Adjourn