Local Advisory Committees

As required by the N.C. Administrative Code, each Reserve site has a Local Advisory Committee (LAC). 

The local advisory committees consist of citizens and representatives from community organizations, government agencies, and non-governmental partner organizations who provide division staff with guidance and feedback regarding program activities and management of the reserve sites. 

Effective committee members present and review information impartially, listen to and understand various points of view, and bring knowledge and experience representing relevant topical areas, according to the needs and uses at each site. Areas may include: education, research, commercial use, recreational use, traditional use such as hunting and fishing, neighboring property owner, citizen at large, volunteer, and non-profit community organization or interest group. 

Members are appointed by the Secretary of the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality for five-year terms. The LACs meet on an at least annual basis, with most committees meeting biannually. 

For more information about the LACs, please read the LAC Operating Procedures document or contact the Reserve Site Managers.

Upcoming LAC meetings

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