Responsible Use of Reserve sites

10 ways you can be a responsible user of the North Carolina Coastal Reserve:

1. Keep it clean! The N.C. Coastal Reserve has a "pack it in, pack it out" trash policy, so be sure to carry out all of your waste and leave the Reserve sites better than you found them. 

2. Observe, don't disturb. Keep wildlife wild at the N.C. Coastal Reserve. Please do not disturb or remove any wild animals from the Reserves. Lawful take during hunting and fishing activities is allowed. 

3. Keep pets on a leash. The N.C. Coastal Reserve sites are fun places to bring your pets, but furry friends must be on a leash at all times. Off-leash pets can disrupt nesting animals and plant structure. 

4. Leave only your footprints. Personal property cannot be left at the N.C. Coastal Reserve. Please take your belongings with you when you leave the Reserve. 

5. Clothing isn't optional. Public nudity and nude sunbathing are not allowed at any N.C. Coastal Reserve sites. 

6. Respect research. Researchers at the N.C. Coastal Reserve often leave research equipment in the field for long-term data collection. Please do not disturb research equipment and obtain a research permit before conducting experiments. 

7. Did you bring your license? Appropriate licenses and permits for hunting and fishing are required before engaging in these recreational activities at the N.C. Coastal Reserve. 

8. No camping. There is no overnight camping permitted at the N.C. Coastal Reserve, with the exception of primitive camping allowed on the Masonboro Island Reserve. 

9. Be prepared. Reserve sites are remote and do not have any facilities. Be prepared with plenty of water, food, sunscreen, and the appropriate apparel.  

10. Get educated! The best way to enjoy the N.C. Coastal Reserve is to be prepared. Learn more about Reserve sites and policies, and please contact us with questions!