Application Forms

The Dam Safety Application Process: 

  • All submittals to our office must have the form "Application for Review by North Carolina Dam Safety" (located below) attached to the submission. 
  • Engineer or Owner must send one electronic copy to our Central Office using one of the following processes:
    • Email it to our Dam Safety account: The subject line must include the dam name, State ID number, and type of application.
    • Load it on a drive and mail it via USPS to our Central Office:
      • Dam Safety Program
      • 1612 Mail Service Center
      • Raleigh, NC 27699-1612
    • Load it on a drive and send it by courier to:
      • Dam Safety Program
      • Archdale Building, Fifth Floor
      • 512 North Salisbury Street
      • Raleigh, NC  27604
  • Upload files on Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) site and send the link, login, and password to Login information and passwords should be sent in two separate emails.
  • Engineer or Owner must also send one hard copy of any engineering plans/drawings, along with a transmittal sheet stating the dam name, State ID number, and type of application, to the appropriate Regional Office based on the dam’s location.  Regional Offices cover different counties, check the Contact DEMLR Page for the address of the appropriate Regional Office based on the county your dam is located in.
  • Hard copies are required to be sent to the appropriate Regional Office for engineering plans/drawings only.
    • Hard copies are not required for Emergency Actions Plans, Jurisdictional Determinations/Hazard Classifications, Operations and Maintenance Manuals, Extensions, Change of Engineer, Change of Owner, or other supporting documentation (e.g., design reports, calculation packages, etc.) submitted alongside engineering plans.
  • Hard copies are not required to be submitted to the Central Office.
  • Checks are required for certain submissions, please view our Fees Page for more information.
  • Plans/submissions should not be emailed or mailed directly to our internal engineering staff as this will interfere with the submission process. Please send to the attention of Dam Safety and it will be marked with the receive date when the electronic copy is received by our Central Office.
  • Failure to complete this process will result in an incomplete application. Incomplete applications will be returned to the engineer/owner for corrections and will require re-submission of all documents as a “new” submission. If a hard copy is accidentally sent to the incorrect Regional Office, it is the responsibility of the “sender” to either retrieve the documents or prepare a new copy and send them to the correct Regional Office.

The Dam Safety Application Forms:

*See Tools for additional guidance