Earthquake Workshop Downloads

Workshop Resources & Handouts

Correlation with Essential Standards
Earthquake Websites
Earthquakes in North Carolina Poster

Presentations in Addition to the Notebook

Plate Tectonic Animations
Folding & Faulting 
Folding & Faulting Answer Key

Workshop Notebook by Chapters

Earthquake History of North Carolina

Earthquakes & Tectonics
Review of Plate Tectonics
Elastic Rock Demonstrations
Plate Puzzle Activity
Plate Boundary Examination
Evidence of Past Movement: Folding & Faulting
Fault Blocks - Paper Models

Waves & Measurement
Basics of Waves
Human Chain Wave
What's Inside of the Earth? (Black Box Activity)
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Measuring an Earthquake
Pasta Quake 1-30-900
Human Seismometer - Explore Smart Phones
Quake Cather Network - QCN Sensors
Virtual Earthquake
Examine Realtime Seismograms

Risks, Hazards & Preparedness
Asperities Aftershock Demo
Resonance Demo
IRIS Building Activity
Preparedness and the Great Shakeout

Workshop Notebook - Complete File

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For more information about the workshops and educator resources, please contact Education and Outreach Geologist Amy Pitts with the N.C. Geological Survey.

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