Six Step Process


As of 2023, all permittees should have completed Steps 1 and 2 of the Six Step e-DMR Registration ProcessThere are six steps for Stormwater eDMR.  After completing the first two steps, you will wait for an email from eDMR.  It may take a few weeks to receive the email letting you know that your eDMR account is active. After that, you can complete Steps 3 and 4.  

If you have submitted registration paperwork but have not received eDMR account set-up information, please contact Joyce Sanford to inquire about the status. If your industrial facility is not required to report analytical samples and does not foresee a need to do so in the near future, then you do not have to register for e-DMR. 

Tab/Accordion Items

The first step is to check the information in the Stormwater Program database.  Permittees will run two reports, the Owner Verification Report and the Stormwater Permit Summary Report.   

Owner Verification Report
This report provides a list of all of the stormwater permits that are assigned to a given Owner. Enter one of the Owner’s permit number into the Owner Verification Report and it will return a list of all of the stormwater permits for that Owner, including both individual and general permits. Review the report and determine if the list is accurate. If corrections need to be made, please review the table below for guidance on what to submit and contact Joyce Sanford with questions. 
Stormwater Permit Summary Report

This report must be run individually for each stormwater permit.  To use it, enter each stormwater permit number into the Stormwater Permit Summary Report.  The table below summarizes the information that you will find in this report and the procedures for updating that information if you find that it is incorrect.

Summary Report Item Explanation of this Item How to Update this Item if Needed
Facility Name The official name of the facility. Complete the Name/Ownership Change Form
Facility Address The mailing or physical address of the facility. Email Bethany Georgoulias 
Owner Name The official name of the company according to the NC Secretary of State. Complete the Name/Ownership Change Form. Mail in original signed copy of Permit Name/Owner Change Form.
Owner Affiliation Name A person who meets the criteria in 40 CFR 122.22 and may be responsible for a variety of permit types.  A "Permit Contact Person" can be specified to receive correspondence on the stormwater permit (see below).  Complete the Permit Contact Update Request Form. Mail in original signed copy of Owner Affiliation Designation Form.
Owner Affiliation Address The mailing address for the Owner Affiliation. Complete the Permit Contact Update Request Form
Owner Contact Person A person who can be contacted to speak on behalf of the Owner Affiliation. Complete the Permit Contact Update Request Form. Use "Other Contact Updates" section to indicate Owner Contact.
Facility Contact Person A person who can be contacted to speak on behalf of the facility. Complete the Permit Contact Update Request Form
Permit Contact Person A person who receives correspondence specifically about the stormwater permit.  If a Permit Contact Person is not specified, then correspondence will go to the Owner Affiliation. Complete the Permit Contact Update Request Form  
Permit Billing Contact A person who can be contacted about billing matters for this permit. Complete the Permit Contact Update Request Form
Person with Delegated Signature Authority A person who can officially sign on behalf of the Owner Affiliation for all matters related to the stormwater permit. This form is required for users with Submitter privileges. Complete the Permit Contact Update Request Form. Mail in original signed copy of a Stormwater Permit Delegation of Signature Authority (DOSA) Form.
Person with Electronic Signature Authority A person who can submit data via the eDMR system, this will be updated as you complete Step 2 and/or Step 4 below. N/A
Outfalls Every outfall that discharges stormwater to a receiving stream.  The data on outfall number, description, latitude, longitude, and waterbody must be checked for accuracy. Email Bethany Georgoulias 


One Stormwater eReporting Registration Form will cover all of an Owner's stormwater permits.  In this form, the Owner's Responsible Official will provide his/her contact information and will designate Facility Administrators and Submitters for each permitted facility. 

Before completing the Stormwater eReporting Registration Form, the Owner needs to understand the different types of Stormwater eDMR users and the privileges associated with each one.  The table below explains:

Stormwater eDMR User Privileges






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  • Complete the Stormwater eReporting Registration Form, listing all of the Owner's permits.  
  • After the form is complete, scan it and email it to the Stormwater eDMR Administrator.
  • Submit the completed Stormwater eReporting Registration Form in hard copy with original signatures to: DEMLR Stormwater Program eDMR, Attn: Stormwater eDMR Administrator, 1612 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1612
  • We will set up eDMR accounts for the Owner, Facility Administrator(s), and Submitters. You will receive an email with your eDMR User ID if you don't yet have one.  This process may take several weeks due to the number of forms we are handling.  
  • When you receive that email, set up your account right away! Otherwise your temporary password will expire.

Important Tips

  • Your User ID must be all lowercase or it will not work. 
  • Do not forget your security questions and answers or your password. It will take some effort from you and DEQ staff to restore these items if you forget them.  

After the Owner gets an eDMR account set up, that person has the option to set up Facility Administrator, Data Entry, Certifier, and View Only Users in the eDMR system. Facility Administrators can set up Data Entry, Certifier, and View Only Users in the eDMR system. This step is not required.

Log in to eDMR and consult the Stormwater eDMR User Guide for detailed instructions on how to manage Facility Administrator, Data Entry, Certifier, and View Only Users. 

The Owner has Submitter privileges by default and may use this step to add or update eDMR Submitter users. 

If you (the Owner) want other users to be added as Submitters or granted Submitter privileges, then you will need to do two things: (1) Complete and submit the Stormwater eDMR Submitter Change Request Form, listing all of the users that you would like to have Submitter privileges. (2) Complete and submit a Delegation of Signature Authority (DOSA) Form granting those users signature authority.

The Stormwater Program suggests limiting the number of users that are assigned the Submitter privilege. Users with the Submitter privilege will have to be managed by the Stormwater Program and will have a higher level of effort in the system for identity verification per EPA’s NPDES Electronic Reporting Rule.

Reports may not be submitted until the first day of the month after the sample is collected.  For example, if a sample is collected on May 7, the data may not be submitted until June 1 (although it can be entered, verified and certified right away).  Data must be submitted no later than 30 days after the end of the monitoring period.   

Log in to eDMR.

Then follow the directions in the Stormwater eDMR User Guide to assist you with creating and submitting eDMR Reports (Section 7) and other eDMR Report actions (Section 8).  

Also, view the Step 5 Webinar for a demonstration of data entry in eDMR.

At some point in the future, you may need to add or delete eDMR Users. The method for updating users will depend on the user type as follows:

User Type  How to Update this User Type
Responsible Official To change the Responsible Official, complete the Name/Ownership Change Form. Part V requires you to complete the Stormwater eReporting Registration Form.
Facility Administrator

To delete a Facility Administrator, the Owner should deactivate the Facility Administrator user. 

The Owner can add a new Facility Administrator and does not need to contact the Stormwater eDMR Administrator. However, if you need additional assistance with this task, please reach out to the Stormwater eDMR Administrator.

Data Entry / View Only / Certifier / Submitter

To add or delete other users (such as Data Entry, Certifier, or View Only users), log in to eDMR and consult the Stormwater eDMR User Manual and complete this task in eDMR. 

To add Submitter privileges to other users that has already been added to eDMR, follow the directions in Step 4. Be sure not to overlook the Stormwater Delegation of Signature (DOSA) Form.


To update the:

Please consult the Stormwater eDMR User Guide for instructions on how to make the following updates in the eDMR system:

  • Updates to emails or phone numbers of existing eDMR users.
  • Additions or deletions of eDMR users.
  • Password resets.