Permit Transfers & Renewals

Fee adjustments 2023

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Many permit fees have changed for applications received on or after October 3, 2023. North Carolina’s 2023 Appropriations Act Session Law 2023-134 includes fee adjustments for 28 Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) programs, including Stormwater. A full list of fee adjustments is available on the DEQ website.

The process for renewing post-construction stormwater permits is codified in 15A NCAC 02H .1045.  Stormwater permits require that the permit be transferred upon change of ownership or responsibility.

Prior to renewing or transferring a permit, permittees should assess whether the site is in conformance with permit conditions as follows:

  • The Project Certification Forms on the Post-Construction Forms page may be used for this assessment. 
  • For permit transfers, this assessment must be sealed by an appropriately licensed professional. 
  • Fo permit renewals, the seal of a licensed professional is optional. 
  • If the project is out of compliance with permit conditions, then the permittee shall provide a written schedule of actions with an estimated to bring the project into compliance within one year.

Active Stormwater Permits Map  

Post-construction permit files may be available on the Active Stormwater Permits Map, which is searchable by address (note that these permits appear as green dots on the map).

Permit Transfer & Renewal Forms

Permit Transfer Form
For transfer of a permit from one responsible party to another ($750 fee). Check current ownership information by running a State Stormwater Contact Summary Report.
Permit Renewal Form  
For renewals of high density permits ($750 fee, required every 8 years). A combined transfer and renewal fee is $1500.
Fast Track Authorization (ATC) to Construct Form with Fast Track ATC Instructions (Transfers)
This form can now only be used to transfer ATC permits. (Effective October 1, 2023, the Fast Track permitting option has been eliminated for projects not currently in the Fast Track program.)