New Permits & Permit Modifications

To apply for a new permit or a permit modification:

  1. Design the project to meet the requirements of the post-construction program that applies.  Consult the webinar How to Breeze Through Your Post-Construction Plan Review for guidance on how to prepare a compliant Post-Construction permit application.
  2. Select one of the Permitting Options (see below). 
  3. Complete all of the required forms and prepare all of the required documentation. 
  4. Submit the project to the appropriate office for review. Be sure to send the application to the appropriate DEMLR office.

Application Forms

New Permit & Major Modification Form with New Permit & Major Mod Instructions
For new projects or modifications to a project that do not qualify as minor modifications.  Fee varies depending on permitting option selected.  
Fast Track Authorization (ATC) to Construct Form with Fast Track ATC Instructions
For new projects or major modifications to a project that meet the MDC to enter Step 1 of the Fast-Track Permitting Program.  Fee is $505 for Step 1 (ATC) and $505 for Step 2 (final permit).
Minor Modification Form                                                        
For modifications to a project with no built-upon area increases or changes to the stormwater control measure design.  No fee.
Permit Information Update Form                                                   
For administrative changes to project name, permittee contact info, legal corporation name not due to change of ownership. No fee. Check current contact information by running a State Stormwater Contact Summary Report.

Regardless of the option selected, be sure to send the application to the appropriate DEMLR office.

Permitting Options


Description and Fee Information


15A NCAC 02H .1042  

Per NC statute, DEMLR has 90 days from receipt of application to issue the permit or request additional information.  Reviews are usually done in 60 days or less.  ($505 fee, high density projects require a $505 renewal fee every 8 years)

To apply:  Complete a New Permit & Major Modification Form.  Provide all required items, including a completed Supplement EZ and O&M EZ (see the Stormwater Design Manual page.)  

Fast Track

15A NCAC 02H .1043

15A NCAC 02H .1044

Fast track permitting is a two-phase permit process, the fee for each phase is $505.

To apply:  Complete a Fast Track Authorization to Construct Application. DEMLR does not conduct a detailed technical review at the ATC step. Instead, a qualified professional certifies that the project, once completed, will comply with the Minimum Design Criteria (MDC). DEMLR has 30 days from receipt of the ATC application to issue the permit or request additional information.

After the project is constructed:  Apply for the final permit using the New Permit & Major Modification Form.  Include as-built plans, calculations, certification forms, and other supporting documentation per the Fast Track Final Permit Submittal Checklist

If the finished project does not comply with the MDC, DEMLR will either issue a permit with special conditions, initiate compliance and enforcement action, or deny the permit. If the permit is denied, then the applicant will be required to bring the site into compliance with the MDC before the final permit is issued.


DEQ Express Permitting

Express Permitting is only available for projects in the 20 Coastal Counties. This program offers quicker permit decisions. A pre-application meeting is required to ensure that the application will include supporting technical information needed for a thorough and swift review.

Higher Post-Construction Express Fees are charged to support additional staff needed for the quick turnaround.

To apply:  Submit an Express Request Form to the Washington or Wilmington Regional Office.  After the project is accepted, complete the appropriate form, being certain to provide all required items.