SW Technical Review Workgroup

The Stormwater Technical Review Workgroup (TRW) is a group of stakeholders that met between January 2012 and January 2013 to resolve specific concerns with the state stormwater program. The TRW and the Division of Energy, Mineral and Land Resources agree that the resulting work products meet the intent and spirit of the state's stormwater rules and statutes. 
These documents constitute guidance for the engineering and regulated community and should not be considered requirements by the division. The goal in developing these documents was to provide additional tools and flexibility to the engineering community in meeting stormwater rules and statutes. Such alternatives are available through stipulations in 15A NCAC 2H .1008(h), which allows alternative designs that "provide equal or better stormwater control, equal or better protection of waters of the state and result in no increased potential for nuisance conditions."