Recycling and Materials Management

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The Division of Environmental Assistance and Customer Service is dedicated to delivering technical expertise and guidance on materials management throughout North Carolina. Through targeted initiatives, including funding opportunities, campaigns, business support, and local government assistance, our mission is to foster the expansion and fortification of a robust recycling and composting infrastructure in the state. Our ultimate goal is to empower all of North Carolina to Recycle Right, contributing to a sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

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Materials Recovery Community Map

Click Below to learn where your recycling goes and found out what is recyclable in your community. 

Organics Recycling Map

Click below for maps that can help increase the recycling of organic material in the state. 

Recycling Markets Directory

Click below for information on recycling companies that collect, transport, broker, process or remanufacture recovered materials in North Carolina.

Recycling Matters in North Carolina



Employed within North Carolina's private recycling industry.


Million Dollars

The total salary of North Carolinans employed by the private recycling industry.


NC Manufacturers

Making new products using recycled content.