Environmental Assistance and Customer Service

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What We Do

The Division of Environmental Assistance and Customer Service (DEACS) helps expand the use of sustainable practices regarding waste reduction, energy efficiency, water conservation and emissions reductions. DEACS helps broaden our understanding of the environmental regulatory and permitting programs to improve our customer service assistance. DEACS also helps promote recycling material management programs and help expand recycling infrastructures thereby creating economic growth.

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Need Environmental Assistance?

For general questions about the environment, regulations and other topics, give us a call at 1-877-623-6748.

Environmental Assistance Coordinators

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  • Offers a single point of contact, as a customer service liaison, to address customer service issues, and complaints;
  • Provides assistance to guide applicants through the permitting system and develops tailored permit lists for your project;
  • Arranges scoping meetings to outline potential permits, processes, timelines and expectations; and
  • Assists customers in obtaining the answers to regulatory questions, explains permit and regulatory requirements; receives and helps to address environmental complaints and issues along with DEQ program staff.